After the pandemic people are trying to dress up more and as the fashion industry strives to become more sustainable so we see the return of some vintage items. Kate Middleton, the new Princess of Wales, is taking over from the Diana era and re-inventing the polka dot dresses and puffy sleeves. With EarthShot the royal couple are also championing the use of re wearing outfits and not buying new.

With all these references to nostalgia and pre pandemic restrictions the fashion industry pushed by the need to reduce environmental impact people are trying to make more self-aware looks in 2022. Sometimes older is better so let’s take a look at some fashion trends from the past decades that made an impact in 2022.

Y2K – we are talking low-rise jeans, multiple belts, newsie hats, tie dye tracksuits, bedazzled, neon prints, cargo pants.

Thanks to Bridgeton on Netflix we have seen the return of lace, ruffles and empire waists. Its not about the gowns as such but more about taking inspiration from the costumes and putting a modern-day twist on the outfit.

2022 is also the year of the loose-fitting jeans. After the pandemic and hanging around at home in track pants etc we can now enjoy mom jeans, flares, and straight cut jeans. This includes all things cargo with their versality and convenience.

2022 also saw the rise of the hemline on skirts and some may welcome back the miniskirts!

Numerous stars chose to wear previously well-loved dresses this year at various events. Think Kim Kardashian in the Marilyn Munroe dress at this year’s Met Gala. At the Oscars, numerous stars opted for second-hand outfits. Kourtney Kardashian wore an ’80s Thierry Mugler gown, Sienna Miller and Emily Ratajkowski both went with vintage Armani Prive, while Kirsten Dunst wore a 2002 Christian Lacroix gown.

Platform shoes are also making a return in 2022. Both shoes and sandals. Platforms fit in perfectly between sneakers and stilettos after the pandemic.

Quickly becoming a serious trend is also the varsity jacket and oversized blazers from the 1950’s thanks to “Riverdale”. The varsity jacket look has been popular in Copenhagen, Paris, New York, London and Milan as well.

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