There are dresses for every occasion, day, evening and everything in between. From high necks and full skirts to short skirts and low necklines these have been the dress styles over the vintages. Plain fabrics to polka dots, big bows and no bows; short sleeves and long sleeves, vintage dresses have seen it all.

Beginning in the early 1900’s with the very formal long lace dresses with high necklines, pinched waists and plenty of buttons and petticoats to the short mini skirts of the 1960’s.

Waist’s  have always been accentuated whether it was belts, sashs, chain belts, corsets.

 After the second world  war dresses became more playful. Ruched fabric, beading, and accessories were being implemented more and more into  designs. There were dresses for the house and dresses for the day. The 1950’s saw the emergence of the tea length dresses. Dresses with a hem line that stops just before the ankle, used for formal and black tie events. Tulle and Chiffon were used more to expand the skirts. For cocktail functions there was the cocktail dress. A semi formal dress worn at early evening and today became known as the ‘little black dress’

Sheath dresses became visible in the 1960’s. Like the sheath of a sword these are form fitting dresses accentuating the bodice, hips and hemlines. These dresses can be ‘dressed’ up using gloves or for everyday wear. 

From the 1970’s onwards vintage dresses also became more risque. Think Chers lace dress with the beads and who could forget Elizabeth Hurley with the dress kept together with safety pins. Both these dresses have been re-invented over the years. 

Dresses will always have a place in fashion whether vintage or modern. Not many women would get married in a suit and there are certain occasions which would always require a dress.Whether a silk form fitting dress or a billowing multi layered dress. Made from the finest fabrics or an old curtain. Remember dresses can be used in so many different ways. Add a jacket, length of heel, belt whatever, you slip it over your head on the way to the door! In the evening on your way home you can accessorize  it differently for the evening.

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