With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we hope you haven’t left everything to the last minute! However, we know that life isn’t that simple and some things can slip your mind, so here are a few ideas for how to treat your mum this Sunday:

Home Spa

Why not create a spa right at home? Get some green tea brewing, put out some chocolates and treat your mum to some R&R. Try making her a homemade face mask or giving her a mani/pedi! Maybe leave things like massages or acupuncture to the professionals, no need for your mum to visit A&E on her special day! 

Create a scavenger hunt

For all you creatives out there, make a scavenger hunt all about your favourite memories with you mum! Think of some clever clues for her to follow and make a special gift for her to win. Not only is this a great way of celebrating Mother’s Day on a budget, it will get you some major points for being all sentimental. 

Home cooked meal

Become the head chef of the household and make your mum an amazing meal! If cooking isn’t exactly your strong suit, go simple and make her some easy sweet treats like this Easy Cheesecake or Chocolate Brownie cake

Failing that, why not treat your mum to brunch at Autumn Yard! Our brunch menu includes popular dishes like our Chicken & Avocado Ciabatta and Sweetcorn Fritter with Avocado & Honey.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mothers out there! Remember to tell your mum you love and appreciate everything they do and make some new memories!