We'll introduce our new dinner menu from May which features healthy and tasty sharing plates, perfect for unwinding and enjoying great flavours after a long, hopefully productive day! Sharing plates (or small plates) have been a popular way of dining for almost 10 years now and they encourage diners to try new foods and to have a more interactive and entertaining time while they eat!

Many restaurants have found a way to include small plates as a part of their menu because they’ve become so popular! So what is so great about sharing plates? Almost always, they make for a memorable meal, often including ingredients or food that you’ve never heard of or wouldn’t usually pick as part of a big and expensive meal. They allow you to explore these new foods without having to break the bank or feel as if you’ve been cheated because you didn’t like something. 

Sharing plates are a win-win for both the restaurant and the diner as they offer restaurants and their chefs the chance to show off the full skill and quality of the kitchen while giving customers the opportunity to experience so much more flavour and variety in one sitting! 

Autumn Yard offers a range of sharing plates that not only affordable but are healthy and delicious!The new dinner menu has easily recognisable ingredients like butternut squash, salmon and cauliflower and ingredients that you may not have tried before like pickled fennel, polenta chips and arancini. The sharing plates range from £3-£5 and are the perfect way to try some tasty and interesting dishes without spending a fortune! 

Dinner is available on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays from 6PM to 9:30PM, we hope to welcome you soon!